January 2017

The results from Blake's Heaven 2017 are now up here.  Now including the junior results.

This year's Championship Races have been selected - see the attachment on the Championship page for the list.

The first race is Blake's Heaven - 28th January. Make sure you've paid your subs before hand!

I will put the details on as eventsfor the other races in the next few weeks.

Don't forget it's our 30th Anniversary meal on 4th February. Names and cheques/cash/BACS transfer (£16.50 per person) to Jennie, Jane, Dot or Nick ASAP.

There is talk of the vet 50 men having a pop at the team event in this year's FRA English Championships.

I have sent an email directly to those who I think are in this category.
However I might have missed someone, or not spotted a vet 45 who turns vet 50 part way through they year.

This might also appeal to those not male vet 50. Ladies vet 40 team for example, or individuals.