December 2018


There has been some discussion and interest shown in the English Championships for 2019.

Hopefully we can get some teams out. A provisional summary of details is attached on the following page

Winter League results up to Christmas Pudding. Well done to Joe Dugdale for breaking the record in that race.

Top 3 races to count. Fourth race used where there's a tie. Category (MSen, etc.) shown is that at first race of series and is just for interest.

As this is my first outing as Club Statistician please keep an eye out for any errors. I believe I've ironed out all the buglets from the spreadsheet which processes the results for me, but since I keep tinkering with it I might very well have introduced new ones!

Darren Parker


Any (suitably qualified) athlete interested in representing Cumbria in the 2019 inter-Counties Fell Running Championships, is asked to please contact the selection committee if you wish to be considered for selection. 
More info here.

Thanks to those who supported the race today. Helpers, Mel Bradley and Kate Beaty - registration. Paul and Sandra Mason - making sure everyone got the gully correct. Paul and Julia Jarvis who came all of the way from Manchester to stand on the top of Crag Fell. Tom Chatterley - start official, and operator of the clock. Mel Bradley, Jennie Chatterley finish recorders. Rebecca Crellin, the Crellin children and Jenny Jennings who enocouraged everyone to make sure their number was visible on the run in.