Buttermere Shepherds' Meet Races

Firstly, many thanks to the people who helped out today

Registration Mel Bradley, Lindsay Buck and Sarah Rhodes.

Finish recorder and timer - Jim Fairey and Toby Woodhead

Gate holders - Cath Wrigley, Mel Bradley and Boris

Man up the hill - Jim Davis

Secondly, thanks to everyone for turning up and supporting the race. I hope you enjoyed it - some of you have come from a long way to race for a relatively short time. Thanks to Keswick who included it in their club champs.

Thirdly, before you check the results......congratulations to Steve Hebblethwaite who sneaked inside the record. Surely its got to go under 15 minutes?  However, pause and admire the performance by Eve Whitaker ( aged 13 and one quarter ) who knocked a mighty 45 seconds off the record to be placed 6th overall. 

Fourthly, the race is free, most of the prizes are provided by the Croft House Cafe. because of the size of the entry we dipped into a few spare prozes from Darren Holloway's family aho support the Buttermere Horseshoe Race in June

Finally, now look at the results which are here    http://www.c-f-r.org.uk/content/buttermere-shepherds-meet-race-0


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