Club Vests

New CFR Vests and Technical T-Shirts are now available.
We have decided as a club to go with a new supplier and manage our own stock to improve the reliability of supply. As part of this we have updated them (slightly) to include the club logo and now the stripe will only go one way. Breaking with, what has turned out to be, a long standing tradition!

For adult sizes (mens and women) we have agreed to subsidise the new vests and technical t-shirts for the time being. So the vests will cost £15 rather than the current £20, Technical T-Shirts will cost the same as the vests £15. Absolute bargain.

Junior sizes are available and the cost will be set by the Junior Committee shortly.

The plan is to place an order in a few weeks time, so Ryan Crellin is taking orders and money between now and then. Can you please place your order by emailing him on Or see him on Tuesday nights?
He has a men's medium vest size and large t-shirt if people want to judge the sizes or just have a feel of the material. They appear true to my normal clothes size (unlike the old Ronhill vests which measured small). We will also be keeping a small stock so may have opportunity to swap sizes, if you find it to be incorrect.

The below link should have the design of the vest and the t-shirt for people to view, as well as the sizing chart.