Jarrett's Jaunt Results

Many thanks to those who helped today.

Les Barker, driving the horsebox down and general setting up. Anita Barker, for letting Les drive her horsebox.

Flagging, and collecting flags in. Howard Seal, he covered 26.5 KM today.

Registration - Mario Yeomans, Mel Bradley.

Start / Finish - Tom Chatterley, Jim Davis, Ian Grimshaw.

Cakes -  Darren Parker, Anita Barker, Alison Whitehurst, Charlotte Akam, Rebecca Crellin, Mel Bradley, Sophie Noon and Jane Mottram

Gate person - Darren Parker

Flat Fell - Scarlet Masters, and she took her dad Jim.


The handicap race is to find the most improved, but hopefully the handicaps give a close result. For most people this has worked. For Kevin Robinson, it didn't. He must have had a very lonely run, out in front by so much. He ran Blake Fell last year and finished next to last, today he finished 45th. A meteoric rise. Well done for being the most improved racer.

Dry condistions meant some very fast times. New records set for Men's and Women's. Well done to Carl Bell and Sophie Noon.

Thanks to the other local clubs supporting us with such big numbers.

Results can be found here

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