Jarrett's Jaunt Saturday 4th March 2017

Thanks to everyone who turned up today to race, hope you all enjoyed it. It would appear that I underestimated the extra distance and times due to the extended route, following the forestry operations.

Thanks to all those who gave up time to help, this is perhaps an even more complete list than I gave at prize-giving. Hopefully its less incorrect.
Bill Williamson - flagging and marshalling on top of Dent, and collecting flags in.
Sandra Mason - marshalling on top of Flat Fell. Flag collecting.
Jenny Jennings - marshalling at the forest track end.
Tent fun team -Anna Blackburn and Ian Grimshaw ( also put the finish up and hit various stakes with signs on.
Registration team - Mel ( man flu ) Bradley, Jennie Chatterley, Anne Cummings, Lindsay Buck, Jenny Jennings.
Starters / finish timers - Jim Davis and Tom Chatterley.
Boiler stoker - Tom Chatterley.
Emergency milk seeker - Mel Bradley.
Flag collecting on Dent, 'cos once up is never enough - John Fletcher.
Food production - Jennie ( lemon drizzle cake ) Chatterley and Jenn ( flapjack ) Bradley. Elsie ( tiffin ) Barker - explain that one Anita Barker...
Tent dismantling - Nick Moore.

The results are to be found here http://www.c-f-r.org.uk/content/jarretts-jaunt-handicap-results