Our History

The birth of Cumberland Fell Runners can be traced to a gradual decline in actual running members and a lack of enthusiastic interest generally on the running side of Cumberland Fell Runners Association (C.F.R.A.).

This was, in fairness, partly due to the committee being involved in organising a number of local fell races, and Danny Hughes, the secretary, suggested to the members that it might be beneficial for both runners and organisers if the two were to part company. Hence a meeting was set for 17th December 1986 at the Pack of Hounds public house (now the Lamplugh Tip) to see if runners of the C.F.R.A. were prepared to come forward and set about forming what was to be virtually a new club.

Twenty members attended this meeting, where plenty of interest was in evidence. So a completely new committee was elected, with the main officers being Bernard Hillon (Chairman), Mike Wood (Treasurer), and Harry Jarrett (Secretary). It was obvious that the club should have a new name, so for simplicity it was decided to drop the word "Association" from "C.F.R.A.", leaving "Cumberland Fell Runners". We were on our way.


English Champions

Male Open  
1992 Brian Thompson

Female Open  
1999 Janet King

Male V40  
1994 Harry Jarrett

Male V50  
1987 Danny Hughes
1988 Danny Hughes

Male V55  
2007 Jackie Winn
2008 Jackie Winn

Female V55  
2014 Kate Beaty

Male V65  
2006 Barry Johnson

Male V50 Team


British Champions

Male Open  
1981 John Wild
1982 John Wild

Male V40  
1994 Harry Jarrett
1997 Willie Bell

Female V40  
2003 Kate Beaty

Male V50  
1980 Bill Robinson
1984 Gilbert Scott
1988 Danny Hughes

Male V40 Team