Club Runs
To comply with the current government guidance we will be operating club runs in groups of six, so we will need to employ an informal 'booking system' to ensure we don't get too many turning up. However, we do have a number of volunteers to co-ordinate the runs so hopefully everyone who wants to will be able to join in. The approach will be very similar to before, except to ensure we don't have too large a range of abilities we have specified which will be slower & which will be faster runs - in the end it will depend on who turns up, and no-one will be left behind. To give you an idea of pace we will use an arbitrary scale from 1 (slowest) - 5 (fastest)

So far we are looking at putting on the runs on a Tuesday, but at different locations, different times, and a range of paces. The locations change each week, so keep an eye on the website & Facebook.

If you are interested please email with the session you would like to attend. Please only turn up if you have had confirmation from the run leader - this is to avoid having more than six people on the run.

In addition to the normal kit you would take on a club run please take a face mask/buff & gloves if anyone needs assistance (e.g. helped off the fells if they get a sprained ankle) we can reduce the risks, hopefully this won't be needed. Also please help the run leader by complying with any social distancing guidance and other precautions in place at the time of the run.

We meet every Tuesday at 6.30pm for a club run on the beautiful Western fells. Our usual haunts include the fells surrounding Buttermere (Grasmoor, High Stile, Melbreak) and the Western fells around Ennerdale and Cold Fell.

We run for 1-2 hours at a comfortable pace with frequent re-grouping and some runners incorporating hill reps. Sometimes a fast group will decide to go further or a slow group to stay lower: it varies each week with the terrain and the turnout.

If you're visiting the area or thinking of joining the club, we'd love to have you along, but please get in touch before the run.

Welcome to CFR Sunday Socials.

When and where do we meet?
We choose different locations each Sunday, meaning you get to run in different places, alongside meeting new running friends. We'll post the time and location on here and on the CFR Facebook page so don't forget to give us a Like. We also love to post photos from the runs on Facebook too.

Do I need to be able to run?
These sessions are for anyone who can comfortably run/jog 5km (a Parkrun for example). Sunday Social runs are to build up your running confidence, and get people out in the spectacular Cumbrian countryside, with a bunch of like-minded folks. It's good to remember these are not speed sessions. Each Sunday is based around running with a group of people and heading to a cafe post-run if one is near by.

We aim to make each run around 90 minutes and nobody gets left behind.

Do I need loads of expensive kit?
You do need a pair of trail / fell running shoes not road shoes. For safety and comfort, we suggest long running tights/leggings/shorts and weather dependant layers. You definitely need to come with a bumbag or run pack that fits comfortably and is big enough to put some essentials in (see below).

What do I need to bring?
You, a few bits and bobs for safety in your run pack, plus your sense of humour as you're likely to get muddy...and quite possibly a bit wet. You need to be prepared for a mixture of weather and terrain, your race pack or bumbag should include the following things. A waterproof jacket, if you're not already wearing it, that you can jog in. Preferably not the long heavier styles mostly used for walking. You'll also need a hat or Buff-style headwear, gloves, some water, snacks/emergency food and a few first aid essentials: blister plasters, tape etc. These are essential to keep you safe and warm in the case of an accident. We hope that doesn't happen but best to be prepared.

What if I'm at the back?
In all honesty...someone always needs to be at the back, in the middle and at the front. It's the most practical way to group run as we can't all run side by side. Sometimes people prefer to be at the back, with their own thoughts, enjoying some peace and quiet away from the everyday chaos of life. Some runners are strong uphill but slow on the down, so you'll see people chop and change along the trail. The important thing is no-one gets left behind, we want everyone to feel included, and finish the run feeling confident and wearing a smile.

What if it's raining?
We get wet. Each Sunday is about taking some exercise, getting some fresh air and feeling more confident off-road running.

How much does each session cost?
Nothing, they are completely free.

What's the catch?
Apart from possibly catching a running bug, there is no catch. If you decide during the sessions you'd like to know more about the club, (discounts, type of membership etc) or our Tuesday club runs, we can have a chat on the trail.

If you've got any questions, you can get in touch with Lisa Spratling at

Everyone has to start somewhere! If you're new to fell running, take a look at our list of kit that fell runners typically take with them on the fells.

Please heed the Safety Note section above - you are personally responsible for being appropriately equipped when you're on the fells with us. Bring appropriate kit for the weather conditions and to keep yourself safe.

Note that CFR don't officially recommend any brands or models. We've listed some that are popular with the fell running community, but kit is very personal and everyone has their own favourite gear. There's a wealth of knowledge and opinion in the club; have a chat with other members about what works well for them and ask at your local fell running shop for their advice too!

Kit you might consider:

Fell Shoes

On the fells, we need aggressive tread depth to avoid slipping! Popular choices include:

  • Inov8 Mudclaw or X-Talon
  • La Sportiva
  • Salomon S/LAB
  • Walsh
  • Waterproof Cagoule

    Weight, waterproofing, fit and effective breathability are all important considerations.

    Note that if you want to use your top for races, they will need to have taped seams to pass kit checks.

    Popular brands (in no particular order) include:

  • Inov8
  • OMM
  • Paramo
  • Raidlight
  • Salomon
  • Waterproof Trousers

    All the same considerations (including taped seams) go for pants too.

  • Inov8
  • OMM
  • Raidlight
  • Salomon
  • Hat

    Critical safety kit.

    Wind-resistant, breathable skull caps are effective in a huge range of conditions.


    Normal gloves most of the time, though mitt style is warmer in cold and windy conditions.

  • Thermal effectiveness
  • Water-resistance
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Dexterity
  • Additional Base-Layer

    Synthetic or merino based products wick moisture well and add warmth. Popular brands (in no particular order) include:

  • Helly Hanson
  • Inov8
  • OMM
  • Paramo
  • Salomon
  • Map / Compass / Whistle

    Accurate map-reading using map and compass are essential skills on the fells and a simple whistle can save your life.

    Ask club members for navigation tips - we have a number of highly experienced mountain navigators!

    OS Exporer (waterproof) 1:25k OL4 and OL6 cover all our area.

    To save weight and bulk (especially for races), runners often print a map of their route and the surrounding area instead of taking a full OS map.

    Viewranger App

    Very popular for accurate mountain navigation. The app is free, then 1:25k map tiles are bought (very cheaply) and downloaded as needed prior to going out on the fell.

    Brilliant for fast re-location and route-finding, though digital devices should not be relied upon alone as batteries can fail (especially in the cold). Map and compass skills remain essential.

    Available on:

    Bivvy Bag
    Sol emergency bivvy is small (about a pair of socks size!), lightweight and very effective in emergency conditions.
    2-Person Shelter

    A number of club members carry these on the fell. If someone injures themselves, they provide a more stable environment for the casualty. Even a turned ankle can become a serious issue on a cold fell-side.

    There are lightweight options (in no particular order) available from:

  • LifeSystems
  • Rab
  • Terra-Nova
  • Head Torch

    One of the most discussed items of kit, especially in the Autumn-Spring seasons! Irrespective of the season, you should always carry a torch on a club run. Remember to ensure batteries are fully charged before you head out. If you're on your own, take a spare torch & batteries.

    Considerations when choosing a torch:

  • Light output
  • Water-resistance - minimum IPX3 - Petzl IP rating
  • Burn time - will it last the full run?
  • Weight/balance/top strap to keep it in place
  • Can normal batteries replace the power-pack?
  • Popular brands that work well on the fells include:

  • LedLenser
  • Petzl
  • Food / Water

    Soft flasks fit easily into your pack and get less bulky as you drink. They often come included with race vests.